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Working at FitzRoy has really made me feel like I have done some good in my life, I have found my vocation, it has really changed my life

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I have always been encouraged by FitzRoy throughout my whole career. The training I received was brilliant, I never needed to go anywhere else, I have always been so motivated and excited by my job.

We see your values

Our key workers have worked through some of the toughest times of their career – and lives – this year. They have been strong, resilient, creative and selfless, all while facing some of the biggest challenges they may ever have to deal with. They do this because they care. They care about the people we support, they care about helping them achieve their goals and live as independently as possible and they care about each other, and getting through this pandemic.  

These core values are what we look for when we give people the opportunity to work for FitzRoy. Iisn’t about the qualifications you hold, but your values. No matter what sector you come from, you could have the hidden skills we want when hiring our workforce of heroes.

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Work for a place that cares 

When working at FitzRoy, you work for a place that cares. Our staff care for the people we support, and we care about you. We will provide you will all the training you need to go above and beyond in your role. 

Take a look at what benefits you receive when working at FitzRoy. 

If you want a job where: 

  • Every day can challenging but rewarding
  • You can be creative and transform lives
  • You are genuinely making a difference to someone’s life

Then look at the opportunities we have available. Join our workforce of heroes

It’s not an easy job, but the people who work here have such a strong focus, and they find ways of thinking about situations differently to find the most creative ways to. Brilliant care is about keeping the focus but also doing the extra bits to make a difference.