Thank you to our incredible staff

12th August 2022

In the 60 years since FitzRoy was founded by brave parents as a pioneering alternative to institutional care, we have supported thousands of people with learning disabilities and autism to live the life they choose.

Without our incredible staff, we couldn’t have got to where we are today. And we need them – to make sure we continue to do everything we can to ensure that the people we support live fulfilled lives, where we enable them to have choice and control.

On Monday 5 September, we’ll be launching FitzRoy’s Thank You week, a week where we celebrate our staff and the great work they do, where we inspire each other sharing stories of the role our staff have played in transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities.

As we get nearer to the week, we want to share some of the most creative, impactful and inspiring stories from across our services where staff have gone above and beyond. Have a read, and if you would like to join us in sharing a message of thanks for our staff, you can email thankyou@fitzroy.org

Our staff see the person in everything we do

Our staff put the people we support at the forefront of everything we do.

After anti social behaviour began increasing around his block of flats, Tony decided it was time to move.

Chrissy, a support worker at Norfolk Support at Home, has been striving to help Tony move for some time, and after working with the housing department she has succeeded in achieving a wonderful new home for Tony – and he is over the moon.

Our staff are fundraising champions

Not only do our staff go above and beyond in their work, but they continue to amaze us with their enthusiasm and commitment to fundraising. Like Hayley and Hazel who took on the challenge of a lifetime when they hiked 58km across the Jurassic Coast, all to raise money for Love4Life, our friendship and dating network for autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

Our staff are creative

Our staff are incredible at thinking of new and creative ways of enabling the people we support to be as independent as possible. Alexa is Activities Co-ordinator at The Pastures said:

“It’s my job to recognise what each person wants and how I can best support them. It’s not just about planning fun activities, either. It’s about understanding what the person I am working with wants to achieve and what skills they want to develop, and supporting them to do so. Every day is different in my job, and that is why I am so passionate about it.”

Our staff are dedicated

Our staff are dedicated to transforming lives. When Rupan moved into one of our services after 30 years in a secure unit Abida and our team pulled out all the stops to welcome and settle him. Abida said:

“From my support workers working around the clock, to our FitzRoy management team dropping everything to support us and Rupan through this fast-tracked transition – everyone had a part to play in transforming his life.”

Our staff are brave

Our staff across the country have to be brave to support people who might otherwise be kept in an institution. Steven in Nottingham had been sectioned several times in a short period but with patience and dedication his support team have built his independence. His sister told us: “I cannot praise the team highly enough for what they do. They’ve given him their time and given him a life and they’ve involved me in everything too. I was the one who had to section him for his own safety but he’s just gone from strength to strength and now he’s just a different person. Without FitzRoy I think he’d still be sectioned now, living an awful life.”