Supported Living residents in Hampshire work together to transform their garden

7th July 2017

It’s that time of year where we all like to get our gardens looking lovely in the hopes that we are gifted good weather to enjoy the great outdoors! Residents at a FitzRoy Supported Living house in Hampshire decided to jazz up their garden with miniature fairy and boat areas. Support Worker, Ilona, told us how team work made the dream work.

“Kristi and Michelle decided that they would like a fairy garden while Graham and Mark fancied a boat garden.

For the fairy garden, Kristi pulled out weeds while Michelle held a bin liner out to collect them. They then put stones around the garden together, and Kristi filled up a mini swimming pool. Michelle then carefully took some plants out of their pots and gave them to Kristi to put in the ground. They added some windmills as their finishing touch!

Graham and Mark decided upcycle a few old things that they already had for their boat garden. Graham found an old garden ornament which he painted and an old plant pot which he emptied and washed out to use as a boat lake.

When they both decided where to put it all, they started collecting small stones and worked together placing them around their patch of garden. They then made a lake with the plant pot by adding a bin liner so it would hold water. Finally, once everything was in place, they bought some boats which they added to the lake.

The garden is looking lovely now, and everyone is happy with the hard work they put in as a team.”