Social care staff coping with stress during coronavirus crisis

11th June 2020

Word cloud - stressed angry happy positive

This is a series of blogs sharing tips and resources to cope with common issues that our staff tell us they are experiencing during the coronavirus crisis.

We recently carried out a staff temperature check, to ask our staff to describe how they are feeling during this crisis. There were lots of positive responses, but staff also told us they were tired and stressed, which is perfectly understandable – these are challenging times for all social care staff.

Even under normal circumstances, everyone has an element of stress in their daily lives, sometimes that stress might motivate you, sometimes you might find it debilitating. Take a look at the resources below, hopefully these will help.

Coping with stress

The brilliant Every Mind Matters site has lots of useful resources and tips, including a video to help you reframe unhelpful thoughts.

This NHS page has stress busting tips and breathing exercises.


Mind has some great examples of how stress feels to help you recognise the signs – it might not always be obvious and signs could range from impatience to loneliness – it is so important to recognise how you are feeling and and why.

My head is tight and all my thoughts are whizzing round in different directions and I can’t catch them.

They also have useful information on how to develop resilience – which is so important during these challenging times.

Please take the time out to look after yourselves, and stay safe and healthy. If you are struggling at any time, please ask for help, we are all in this together and need to look out for each other.

Kirsty Millward

FitzRoy Head of Quality