Luke looks forward to his future as he celebrates his 25th birthday

15th March 2019

Luke Celebrates His Birthday

From quiet and withdrawn to bubbly and happy within a month – a bit of love and care has helped Luke make an amazing transformation…

Luke moved into his new home at our supported living service in Chineham, near Basingstoke, last month. Having previously lived at a mental health secure unit, when he arrived he was quiet and withdrawn, didn’t go out or talk to anyone. But only a few weeks later, he has turned into a bubbly, happy and cheerful young man.

Ana-Madalina Bambergher, Deputy Manager, tells us more about Luke:

“Luke is a lovely soul, and just like all of us, he needs a bit of love and care. He’s been in children’s services since he was a child, and he hasn’t always had care that recognised his individual needs. While it is still early days, I think he finally feels safe and this has changed his behaviour drastically. He’s now started to trust us, answering our questions and smiling much more.

“As a staff team we are constantly having discussions about Luke’s needs and routines and how we can support him to expand his experiences to build his confidence and happiness. Our main aim is to get him out and about as much as possible. He’s asked to go to Legoland and Butlin’s, and is starting to enjoy aspects of life that other young people often take for granted. We recently got him a new PlayStation 4 and he’s been going out shopping. We’d been told that before he would run around the shop and was chaotic, but we haven’t had any problems.

One by one, we are demolishing the myths that have built up around his behaviour.

“Last week we held a surprise 25th birthday party for Luke, which made him incredibly happy. He hadn’t even realised it was his birthday! We got him birthday presents, a cake with candles, balloons and birthday cards – it was a lovely atmosphere with lots of cheering. We are just so happy that he enjoyed it so much.

“Luke recently had what is probably his first ever blood test. He had always refused to see a GP in the past, but when we got the local GP to come and visit, she did his blood test and he barely blinked. We were so proud of him.

“His key worker Aira Paac has really persevered in building his trust, helping him feel safe and reassured. She is very dedicated and even went out on her day off to make all the preparations for his birthday. I am very proud of Luke and the entire team who work with him. Together they’ve been doing an absolutely amazing job and the staff team have really shown professionalism and their caring nature. Now Luke is with FitzRoy I really hope that he makes this his forever home.”