Keeping in touch with loved ones has never been more important

9th April 2020

Our support workers have been going above and beyond to make sure all families stay connected during this difficult time.

Darryl has lived at FitzRoy’s supported living service in Norfolk for 11 years.  His dad Clive told us: “Since going into lockdown, the staff have been brilliant in making sure we stay in contact with Darryl as much as we want. They have a tablet and are currently setting it up so we can video call whenever we like.

“It is hard not to see Darryl, but the support workers have definitely made it easier, and of course we want everybody to stay safe. I rang this morning and spoke to Darryl. He is fine and loving not having to go out. The staff told me he is blowing lots of raspberries. Thank you so much FitzRoy for looking after him so well, you are all heroes.

“When we reached 60 we realised it for better for Darryl and for us if we moved him into supported living. We had a look round and staff seemed so wonderful and friendly, and within no time Darryl fitted in – it was brilliant. He gets on with everyone at the service, and we know it feels like home to him.

“The support workers are always up for a laugh and a joke and they know Darryl so well, they chat to him about football and tell him how smart he looks which he loves. He’s been on holidays with them to Butlins and even has his own vehicle so we can take him out – he loves to go shopping!

The staff are just incredible, we couldn’t ask for better care for Darryl, all we do is sing their praises, so when an opportunity came up to fundraise for the service we had to take it.

“My wife and I go to a tea party dance class run by a woman called Claire Grace. Every now and then she chooses a charity she wants to fundraise for and people bring along cakes for the tea dance and donate money to the cause. It’s great fun, we do some brilliant dances like the jive and everyone just has a good time.

“It has a great community feel to it and the group gets on so well. We were touched when Claire said she wanted to do a dance class fundraiser for Darryl’s service, it was lovely for her to want to help FitzRoy.

“The tea party dance itself was brilliant, as they always are. Everyone got involved and we raised just over £40, everybody loves Darryl so they were all happy to help.”

Help us to continue to go above and beyond for people like Darryl