Coronavirus: our response

20th April 2020

How are we doing our best to protect the people we support and our staff from coronavirus?

Our focus in the recent weeks has been preparation. We have made lots of demands of our managers as we try to gather information and assess risk. We have been building a picture of our PPE (personal protection equipment) supplies, the staff who are in the most vulnerable groups and we have been keeping up to date with changing government guidance to best keep the people we support and our staff safe.

  • All our services are on lockdown, with no visits, not even from families, which was a difficult but necessary decision to take. We have been facilitating regular Skype/Facetime conversations, between the people we support and their families and loved ones. We have provided more tablets for the people we support so they can maintain contact their families more easily.
  • We closed our day services, and staff have been redeployed where possible in services nearby, as well as being really creative in ways to support our day service members who are missing out on a huge chunk of socialising and activities.
  • Love4Life has completely changed how it delivers sessions, but still maintaining a strong online offer.
  • We have tasked staff members from central support to source and distribute PPE across our services. So far, we have managed to source the PPE resources we need, and we are monitoring stock levels in every service and doing everything we can to ensure that we have more stock coming in and our staff have everything they need to carry out their vital work.
  • We have tightened our guidance and procedures – most of the people we support are either self-isolating due their vulnerability or are social distancing.
  • Due to some elements of care – and the very nature of the people we support – our staff can’t maintain those social distances, so we are doing everything we can to make sure they stay protected with PPE and increased cleaning and hygiene measures.
  • Operational and senior staff are meeting daily to assess the situation on the ground at FitzRoy, and all the things we need to be doing to keep our staff and the people we support safe and ensure we remain responsive to this unprecedented challenge.

When we have a suspected case, or someone has had contact with a confirmed case, we have a duty to contact our local health protection team at Public Health England, who will assess and advise on actions that should be taken, including testing, and the management of staff and people we support.

When we do get any confirmed cases in our services we will inform all the families and staff linked to that service.

Reducing the chance of spreading infection, while trying to keep things as normal as possible for the people we support is our absolute priority. Our support staff and managers are being amazing, going above and beyond in the most challenging circumstances FitzRoy has ever faced. You can read more about their work in our blogs.

If you have any questions about how we are keeping your family member safe, please contact the service manager or you can contact our Head of Operations,

The safety and well-being of the people we support and our staff is paramount and we thank you for your cooperation in these unprecedented times.