Cambridgeshire services receive ‘outstanding’ praise

30th January 2020

Service manager Phillip has praised his ‘focused and supportive team’ at Cambridgeshire Supported Living after the service was rated as ‘outstanding’ for responsiveness with an overall rating of ‘good’.

The glowing report highlighted how ‘the team had worked tirelessly to respond to people’s very individual needs’, with staff going above and beyond to develop ways to do something differently to support each person better.

Phillip said: “To be rated outstanding for how we meet people’s needs is amazing – it is what FitzRoy is all about.

We are brave, we are creative, and we see the person – the staff at Cambridgeshire encompass all these values in their responsiveness to the people we support.

“Recently we had somebody we support move out of one of our services, and it had a huge effect on the other people in the service, as they had lost a friend. Staff dealt with it so well and arranged for the person to visit, so that the other people could maintain their friendship. They put on events such as a Halloween party and Christmas party and invited the person back.

“Someone else we support is diabetic but loves food, so support workers contacted a pub and they brought in food she liked and could eat especially for her. It’s these small touches our staff do that makes such a difference to the people we support.

I’m very fortunate to have such a great team of people working at our Cambridgeshire services. There’s such a great workplace culture, everyone feels part of the team and new staff have even said how they have ‘landed on their feet’ working here. It’s amazing to hear.

“It’s not an easy job, but the people who work here have such a strong focus, and they find ways of thinking about situations differently to find the most creative ways to help with challenging behaviour. Brilliant care is about keeping the focus but also doing these extra bits to make a difference, and all our services here do that.”