How David recovered at FitzRoy The Pastures

11th May 2015

David is a well-liked, inquisitive character who enjoys being at the heart of what’s going on,  whether that is in his home, garden or out in the local area near where he lives.  But his complex health needs have in the past meant that he needed to go in and out of hospital up to six times a year – a really disturbing experience for him

Since moving to FitzRoy’s The Pastures (a registered care home with nursing) two years ago, his health has become more stable.  In fact, he’s been to hospital just once in that time.  Care professionals – some of whom have known him for many years – and his family have commented on how well he looks now, benefitting from his special nutritional support and skin care.

As the professional nursing team have got to know David the person, his personality and preferences, as well as his care needs, they have been able to spot early signs of change in his medical indicators and his general demeanour. As a result they’ve been able to manage his conditions much more successfully; better for him and also prevent additional expensive health interventions for the funders.

Continuity of care and caring for the person go hand in hand for the staff team at The Pastures. It’s easy when you’ve got people as easy-going as David to support – and it makes a difference not just to how David lives his life, but ultimately to the cost of care too.