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Our team of knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help. Whether you are looking for a local service, want to become a fundraiser, or work with us – just get in touch.

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North & East Midlands

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Business Development

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Together we will tailor the best support

We see the person

FitzRoy began with one mother’s belief that her child deserved better, and still today we see the unique value in every person we help

We are person-centred
We always involve the people we support
We keep people safe

Being person-centred drives FitzRoy’s strategy because every day we see that people achieve their outcomes when they are in control of their own lives and living in their communities surrounded by people they know.
We develop people’s plans with them, listening to what they are telling us, using communication that reflects personal preferences and outcome-focused monitoring tools such as learning logs, person-centred reviews and 1:1s.
This means many of the people we support report increased levels of self-determination and reduced dependency, for example, when undertaking everyday tasks such as:

  • Going out
  • Making friends
  • Budgeting
  • Shopping
  • Cooking a meal or making a snack
  • Maintaining their home

We are brave

We stand beside people with disabilities and their families and together we face our challenges wherever we find them

We always work in partnerships
We invest in our staff
We set the highest standards for quality

We work closely with all commissioners, care managers, and key agencies within each area to make sure we get the best for the people we support.
Through collaboration with landlords, health teams, voluntary sector providers, and local communities we help people develop and reach their goals. This collaborative approach means we are successful in:

  • Promoting wellbeing, reducing reliance on health services.
  • Encouraging friendships and relationships, and ensuring people maintain their own networks and wellbeing
  • They receive the best housing related support
  • People do as much as possible for themselves retaining their dignity
  • They have the right support with finances, ensuring bills are paid and they are more independent with their money

We are creative

We dare to imagine a world where people are treated as equals regardless of their disability

We always innovate
We achieve award winning services
We are affordable because we fundraise to add value

We innovate to ensure people achieve positive outcomes and greater levels of independence, whether by developing life skills at home, supporting people to identify appropriate college courses, finding a job, or a new home, joining social groups and becoming active citizens.

Assistive technology is integral to FitzRoy’s service development because it enables people to gain independence. We use assistive technology to help people become confident, motivated, and more in control.

Our new community hub in Hampshire, opened with fundraised money, is leading the way in providing new opportunities for people to develop life skills, and life-long learning.

If you think people with disabilities deserve to:

  • Make meaningful choices about how they live and what they do
  • Achieve as much independence as possible
  • Live a healthy life – physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Participate in society and achieve their goals
  • Choose the support they want and what sort of staff they need

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