FitzRoy Benefits

Enjoy going out into the community, and meeting new people, as you learn new skills with FitzRoy. Whether you fancy trying drama, developing your computer skills, or learn to cook, we have something for you. By coming to a FitzRoy day and community service, not only will you be one step closer to reaching your goals, you will be supported by highly trained and qualified staff.

I have got to go to loads of different places and met loads of new people. It has given me confidence to speak up for me and other people, I love it.

Don’t look back, join now for a bright future

  • A safe, relaxed and friendly place to meet people, promoting social skills and confidence building.
  • Regular reviews of support, ensuring needs and aspirations are being fully met.
  • Up-to-date information on all activities and learning opportunities in the local area.
  • Partnership with education and skills providers to provide further education
  • Work towards ASDAN qualifications
  • Support to volunteer locally and be part of your community.

He’s a young man enjoying life with people his age. he was ready to move – and it’s lovely for me as I can just be his Mum again.

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