Get involved

We encourage everyone who uses FitzRoy services to meet other people supported by FitzRoy, and take part in discussions on things that matter to them. We have regional forums, and a national forum. The national group gives a powerful voice to everyone we support in the governance of FitzRoy. We hold weekly residents’ meetings in all our supported living and residential services. The people we support drive the agenda, and everyone can express their views, and thoughts.

Choose your support

Choosing the right staff to support you is crucial, which is why we train and support people to be part of the recruitment process. Through our Recruitment Troop training, you are empowered to get involved at all stages; from advertising to application and interview.

The staff I have are nice, polite, and caring.

Lifelong learning

FitzRoy is committed to lifelong learning, and we run supported volunteer schemes and have ASDAN accredited centres. This has helped many into paid and voluntary work. At our learning hubs, in partnership with local professionals and companies, we train people in life skills such as cooking, ICT, budgeting and finance, literacy and numeracy, communication skills, as well as social and sporting activities.

Quality Advisors

We train, and employ people we support to become experts by experience, known as FitzRoy Quality Advisors. They work closely with our senior Quality Managers, to audit FitzRoy services. This team gives a valuable insight on the quality of our services to the people who use them.

Supported Volunteering

Through our Supported Volunteering scheme, we support you to get involved in your local community; this helps you build skills and confidence, and find employment. It may be the first time you have had a chance to do this, we will help every step of the way.