Your Membership


As a member you will be invited to up to ten events a month including themed discos, bowling, restaurant visits, and games nights. During these events you will have the opportunity to meet others members of Love4Life and develop life-long friendships. As well as friendships, you could have the opportunity to ask another member on a date.

If both people consent to the date then you will be chaperoned. You both choose where to go on a date, and whether you want to go on a second or third one. We are thrilled that some of our successful relationships have ended in marriage.

Monthly membership is £10.00 and each event is will have a cost, ranging between £5 to £40.

For £5 per month, you can join Love4Life’s Facebook group and connect with like-minded people. If you are only going to have a Facebook membership you will still need to be interviewed but it can be at the office or via Skype.

You can join if you:

  • Have a learning disability and/or autism
  • Provide a reference
  • Are over the age of 18

How do I join Love4Life?

Simply click the button below to fill out an application form online or download it here to print it and send it to us in the post. Please note, we only accept payment when an application has been processed and membership enrolment has taken place.

All applicants will be required to provide a reference on letter headed paper from their social worker, care manager, support worker or GP before being considered for membership, we cannot accept this from a parent or a relative. The reference must confirm that to the best of that referees knowledge the person applying doesn’t have any criminal convictions or cautions spent or unspent. Without this the application cannot proceed.

If there are concerns Love4Life may ask for a DBS form to be completed by the applicant and the outcome of the DBS will determine whether they are suitable to join the service. All applicants will be invited to an informal interview before joining, and will need to show proof of address.

Complete the form

Other ways to get involved

We rely on volunteers and fundraising to run this vital project.

Donate Volunteer

We always need more volunteers to help with events and chaperone dates. As a volunteer, you will receive training and attend workshops on understanding autism, learning skills and other areas, such as managing boundaries, and mental health issues. Many of our volunteers find these fascinating and they often help in other parts of their life.

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please contact us at the office address. Once we receive your completed application form and we have applied for a DBS check, we will contact you to set up an interview.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Hayley Ostler, FitzRoy Love4Life, C/O The Kings Centre, 171 – 173 West Street, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 OEF

Telephone: 01329 826 423