Help people with learning disabilities and autism make friends and find love this Christmas.

Love4Life is ending social isolation by bringing people with learning disabilities and autism together. 

Your donation this Christmas will fund activities and gatherings, and create new friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Help more people find friendship and love by donating now.

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This is how Alex transformed his life

This last year has given all of us a taste of lockdown boredom and loneliness. But the harsh reality is that many people with learning disabilities or autism have felt this their entire lives.

I went from living week to week in my flat, with the only thing to look forward to visiting my parents on a Sunday.  Now I have every single day filled with new experiences, happiness and love. 

That’s when Alex joined Love4Life, and began to meet new people and experience new activities every week. With his new friends, Alex went to restaurants, bowling, started cooking, and even found the love of his life, Hollie.

Donate £5

What can you do?

Transform lives and fund new experiences for people with learning disabilities and autism.

It’s been a transformation, from feeling very lonely and isolated to feeling like I’ve got everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

Being part of Love4Life is transformational, with many members going from having almost no friends or socialisation, to being surrounded by love, friendship, and support on a regular basis.

Love4Life now has more than 130 members who meet up, make friends, experience new activities, and even fall in love.

Please help us to keep providing these opportunities by making a much needed donation.

Donate £5

I’ve gone from feeling miserable and alone most days and thinking ‘oh I can’t wait for this day to be over’, to really thinking ‘I can’t wait for this day’ We are asking you to donate so that we can have more people come and join our family.

What Difference Will I Make?

Our incredible Love4Life coordinator, Hayley, explains why Love4Life is so important to its members.

Love4Life is vital, not just for making friends and widening social circles, but also for people’s mental health.

We want to support more people with learning disabilities and autism, and we can only do that through the generous support of our donors.

We thank everyone who has donated or supported us as we do our best to reach more people who are currently living a life of lockdown. Love4Life is an incredible alternative to that, offering hope, friendship, and even love!

Give a gift of hope this Christmas and together we can end a lifetime of lockdown for people with learning disabilities and autism  

Donate £5