1 in 4 people with a learning disability say they do not have any friends.

This puts them at risk and leaves them vulnerable when out and about in public places. Friendships and intimate relationships that most of us take for granted are out of reach for many adults with a learning disability.

That’s why Love4Life is so important. It offers a safe environment for people with learning disabilities to develop and sustain friendships and relationships.

A message from Virginia McKenna OBE

“I became a Patron of FitzRoy in 1986 and have followed its extraordinary life-affirming work with growing admiration.

FitzRoy’s Love4Life project beings opportunities for socialising, and provides safe ways for people with learning disabilities to meet people they might want to have a life-long relationship with.

Without strong relationships people with learning disabilities are at risk and vulnerable when out and about in public places. Belonging to FitzRoy’s remarkable project gives them a strong foundation from which they can develop, find their voice, and stay safe; are now happily engaged or married!”

Love is a fundamental need, and we believe everyone deserves it.

That’s why we have our Love4Life project; it enables people with learning disabilities to make and enjoy friendships and relationships. The project runs opportunities for socialising, and provides safe ways for people with learning disabilities to date. It’s a project made possible purely through donations and we cannot run it without your support.

Please donate and keep Love4Life’s heart beating

Love4Life has made such a difference to so many of our members, and has a waiting list for new membership. We should be growing, but because this project replies purely on donations we might have to close our doors completely.Gifts now will help keep Love4Life’s heart beating, keep karaoke nights, movie nights, outings, picnics, and chaperoned dates in the calendar. With your support, more people will be able to experience the opportunity for love – and a first kiss.

Donate now

  • £15 will pay for materials to deliver a workshop on how to stay safe online
  • £37 will pay for a one-to-one sessions to combat abuse and guide someone on how to spot ‘mate crime’ when they go out
  • £64 will pay for two people to go on a chaperoned date together
  • £168 will pay for 20 people to enjoy a film night in a place where they feel safe and secure

Life changing stories

This group means everything to me, thanks to it I have met some lovely people and it has helped build my confidence up. As an example there was my sisters friend’s wedding and before I would have been really shy. I was nervous about going and would sit somewhere and not talk to anyone. Instead I was up dancing, talking to a few people that I hardly knew and having fun which before I could never do. The volunteers are so amazing, they help and organise events and spend their evenings chaperoning a date for people. I have met some lovely people there including my lovely boyfriend.

Tash, Love4Life member

To know that he’s enjoying a social life to the full in a very safe environment is of great comfort to us as parents and I know his greatest wish is to meet a young lady. This group offers this opportunity but in a very tightly regulated manner to ensure neither member is subjected to unwanted attention.

This friendship group is one of the best things to happen to Andrew in his life and I’m sure he’s not the only one who will say this if asked, its value is beyond measure.

Bob, parent