Love My Life – FitzRoy’s outcomes focussed model of support

An organisation-wide model of support has helped us embed a culture of high-quality support. Our framework is based on the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, validated by international research. It ensures everyone we support can set their own goals, benchmark their progress, and live a life not defined by their disability.

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By using information from a range of perspectives, we align our staff and systems to achieve the outcomes that matter. We look at:

  • Outcomes for those we support.
  • Outcomes which mean we retain high quality, engaged staff.
  • Outcomes for the communities we are part of.
  • Outcomes which ensure we are a sustainable organisation.

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To achieve the outcomes we know matter to those we support we actively promote self advocacy, and empower people to make and express choices about the support they need. This includes:

  • Engagement and involvement through co-production.
  • Policy framework and control.
  • Person-centred practice.
  • Communication tools and technology.

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Our quality assurance framework enables all FitzRoy staff to deliver outcomes-focussed, person-centred support. Our senior quality managers audit and benchmark all our services, and share best practice. Their findings identify the enablers and the critical factors that lead to successful results.

  • Training and creating learning environments
  • Management accountability and performance management
  • Toolkits
  • Engaging staff

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We are committed to continually improving and we have a number of systems for checking progress against our outcomes and refining our approaches. Changes to our approaches are reflected in our policy and training reviews. This includes:

  • Managing and checking
  • Internal quality review
  • Staff management and appraisal system
  • Business planning and benchmarking
  • External review

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