Supporting you in the community

Supporting Louise to go shopping in her local town

We all have our own favourite pastimes – it’s what makes us who we are.

We can support you to get involved in the activities you love, both at our day and community services and in your local community. We will get to know you, listen to your wants and needs and give you support that is totally personal to you.

Day and community support

Our day and community support is based in centres across England. From these accessible and modern bases, we offer encouragement and support in lots of different activities including education, leisure, volunteering and employment. Whatever interests you, we can help you to get involved!

We offer everything from art and drama classes to IT training, and give people a chance to meet with friends, learn new skills and develop social networks. We can support you to go to college, join a local gym or manage your finances and shopping ... the list is endless.

Search for day and community services in your area or contact your nearest regional office for further information.

Supported volunteering

Being part of a community is very important. We can support you to get involved in your community and use your skills by volunteering. It may be the first time you have been able to donate your time and skills to others, but we can help you every step of the way.

Our supported volunteers donate their time, skills and experience to a wide range of good causes, including conservation, education, lunch clubs, community centres, faith groups, horticulture and museums.  We also help the organisations themselves to understand what their new volunteers need from them. 

Unlike most supported volunteering schemes, we will help you to work out what skills you have to offer and which good causes you want to join. We will then give you ongoing support for the duration of the volunteering.

Being a volunteer can boost your confidence and give you a platform to share your skills. 

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