Day and Community Services

FitzRoy’s Day and Community Services are open to all! Every service offers a different programme of activities, but there are some common features include:

  • a safe, relaxed and friendly place to meet people, promoting social skills and confidence building
  • regular review of individual’s support, ensuring needs and aspirations are being fully met
  • provide up-to-date information on all activities and learning opportunities in the local area
  • work in partnership with education and skills providers to promote access and support into further education, both in-house and externally
  • provision of ASDAN qualifications 
  • supported volunteering – help for you to volunteer locally and be part of your community.

Activities vary from location to location but include things like • Arts and Crafts • Drama • Dance • Nature Studies • Cookery Sessions • Sensory Room • Gym • Bowling • Swimming • Bike Riding • Shopping  • Accessible Computers and IT • Chill-out Room (and games galore)• Gardening, Horticulture and Rural Skills • Photography • Drama • Local Outings • Travel Skills • Budgeting • Music • and more ....

Supported Volunteering

Being a volunteer can boost your confidence and give you a platform to share your skills.We can support you to get involved in your community and use your skills by volunteering. It may be the first time you have been able to donate your time and skills to others, but we can help you every step of the way.

Our supported volunteers donate their time, skills and experience to a wide range of good causes, including conservation, education, lunch clubs, community centres, faith groups, horticulture and museums.  We also help the organisations themselves to understand what their new volunteers need from them.

Unlike most supported volunteering schemes, we will help you to work out what skills you have to offer and which good causes you want to join. We will then give you ongoing support for the duration of the volunteering.

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How it works

Your local service will have a range of activities on different days of the week.  You can join for a half day, full day or even book regular sessions.  Supported Volunteering can be arranged as needed.

 If you’d like to join in, the team at each location will talk to you about your support needs and talk to other people who support you.  You can be supported 1:1 either with your own personal assistant or by FitzRoy staff, or via session support – the ratio for this varies.  

Where we are

You can find more about FitzRoy’s Day and Community Services via our service directory.