Registered Care - Whitegates View
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Registered Care - Whitegates View


Whitegates View, a registered care home, opened in the first week of March 2013.   

Three houses, each carefully thought out and fitted, accommodate five people each on this beautiful site. The brand new, state of the art registered care home 

Set in the lovely countryside of East Hampshire, with access to all local amenities in the pretty town of Liss this location really is something special.

Whitegates View is a redevelopment of Whitegates, which provided excellent support but as a physical structure wasn't as flexible as we needed it to be.  The redevelopment has enabled the seven people we currently support to be able to stay in the community they have known for many years, and not have their lives disrupted by having to move away from family, friends, activities and clubs.  In developing the site we've also been able to extend opportunities for others to join us.

Facilities available

The three modern homes which form the Whitegates View development offer high-spec, high-tech living solutions designed to make life as comfortable as possible, and offer as many opportunities for people to be independent as possible.

Each home comprises:

  • Two downstairs bedrooms, which share a single ‘en-suite’ style bathroom and are fitted with hoists or hoist options. 
  • Three upstairs rooms have spacious storage cupboards and en-suite toilet and wash basin, and share a bathroom. 
  • Each bathroom has a walk in shower with sensor taps and accessible bath – colour coordination and clever layout keep bathrooms homely rather than clinical!
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms are individually lockable offering privacy and security but also allow support staff to offer assistance when its needed
  • Kitchen/diners are set up to allow you to be as independent as possible – from making a cuppa through to making dinner and washing up.  There’s space for residents to enjoy a group meal if they want to, and to do their own thing.
  • Each lounge is at the back of the house, with large windows to let in light and views over the gardens.


  • Picture windows with wheel-chair height ledges maximise light and stunning views.  Light tubes also filter natural light into the building.
  • Under floor heating keeps you cosy, and makes more space in rooms by reducing the need for bulky radiators
  • Excellent use of space to incorporate wide stair wells, lifts and practicalities such as laundry spaces.

As well as indoor facilities, Whitegates View has beautiful outside space, with accessible paths leading to a large sunny patio with landscaped grounds. 

Our Commitment

The new homes at Liss will offer a more personalised support and a calm, relaxing environment with choice about who you live with, and how you live. 

We are committed to listening to your needs and offering choice, respect and opportunities for you have your say through house meetings. These in turn influence FitzRoy's policy and decision making as house meetings feed into regional, then national forum meetings.

As a purpose built location, Whitegates View offers you flexibility in your living space (you can choose how you'd like the room decorated!), and in how you want to live your daily life.  There are opportunities to participate in the community, join in with activities and get out and about and do the things you enjoy.

Check out the picture in the image bank at the top of the page to see we really do mean choice at individual level with decoration - one room is pink, the other purple.  Both look amazing and both are just what the people who will live there wanted and picked out.


It’s rare to get open space and wide horizons from every window, but here, the South Downs stretch out all around. 

The village of Liss is nearby, with good transport links (including a train station) the usual amenities – there’s an outstanding community centre and sports facilities for a village of its size and the people we support enjoy sports including yoga and keep fit here!

We’re well known in the village and made very welcome – our supported living service is based in the heart of the village, with Whitegates View just to the west. 

Other FitzRoy services nearby mean residents can opt to join On Track’s activities at the Petersfield Day and Community service, or be a part of Rural Skills, our social enterprise in East Meon.

Petersfield - a pleasant market town - offers further facilities (including a summer outdoor pool for those brave enough!) and shops. 

We have a fully adapted vehicle on site for planning individual days out or shared adventures.

Our stories


Moving house can be stressful for anyone, but for Gilly who is blind, it could be doubly stressful. Knowing his way around his home is vital not just for independence and safety, but for him to feel comfortable and settled too. It has taken some thoughtful planning and innovative thinking to help Gilly prepare for the move.

The solution the team have used is elegantly simple – different textured discs to identify rooms, paired with aromatherapy oils. Each room has been associated with a different aroma and texture – fresh, zingy tangerine for the bedroom, relaxing lavender for the lounge area.  The approach was added to Gilly’s temporary home at Donec and has been used from the outset at Whitegates View so he could feel at home straight away.

This approach is also working well for another lady we support, who becomes disorientated very easily - she knows where she is in her new home now by the smell and texture and as a result is much calmer and less distressed.


As well as moving into a bigger bedroom, in a house with friends she has known for many years, Sally was looking forward to moving to Whitegates View for another reason too. Her en-suite bathroom has been designed with a state of the art hydrotherapy and aromatherapy spa bath.
Rising costs and limited availability of hydrotherapy sessions in the local area have left Sally without regular access to this sensory therapy that she loves and really benefits from. Now she can enjoy it every day.

Want to live at Whitegates View ?  

The people we support at Whitegates View are looking for new house-mates! 

To find out more about each house and the opportunities to live at Whitegates View, or other FitzRoy locations in East Hampshire (including Donec Mews or The Cottage) please give us a call on 0808 168 4662 or email us via contact page.

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