Sensory World

Sensory World

Welcome to Sensory World! The door is always open ...

FitzRoy is proud to present Sensory World – a fun, inclusive and educational online tool for people with learning disabilities. This innovative website is completely free and can be used at home or at school and college.

Sensory World is based around a virtual house where visitors can go from room to room finding different activities to complete, and learning lots of new things. This engaging site allows you to follow as many activities as you want to, and then print your own personal certificate to celebrate your achievements.

Here are just a few of the exciting activities you can get involved with:

  • Visit the kitchen to learn about health and safety, nutrition, hygiene and plan your weekly meals
  • Create your own lounge by choosing from a selection of exciting designs, colours and features
  • Design your own stimulating sensory room
  • Learn how to create your own budget and manage your money
  • Visit the bathroom and learn about health and safety, hygiene 
  • Explore the sensory bathroom upstairs
  • Design your own band and listen to them play in the music room
  • Create your own bedroom from a selection of designs, colours and features
  • Check out the sensory garden and learn about the seasons, gardening and wildlife
  • Coming soon - Chill out in our special 60’s themed room to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

Over 7,000 people visit Sensory World each month, many from overseas, and this number continues to grow as people learn more about this groundbreaking and unique site.

Visit Sensory World and have a go! 

Take a look at what people are saying about Sensory World:

“The sensory room was my favourite, it looked really nice in there!”
One of the people we support

“What a brilliant site.”

“Absolutely fabulous! A big thank you for enabling learning within a fun role for all those with a learning disability. Fantastic and it’s free!”
Care Worker

“Very well created and lots of fun stuff to do. I've got lost in time going from room to room and doing all kinds of stuff. Sensory World is a brilliant thing to have!”
Assistant Manager

“Brilliant, just found the site and can think of loads of uses. It will support learning in several curriculum areas. Thanks!”
Support Worker

“It’s now in my favourites box, and I’ll use it with the guys in our residential school for young people with autism and learning difficulties.”
Senior Residential Support Worker

“Sensory World is awesome!  It's a great way for kids to learn about all kinds of things and teaches them to look, learn and listen.They can also learn their instrument names in the music room.”

“I had a brainwave over the weekend to create my own virtual sensory room. I didn’t know how I was going to do it or where I would start - I'm so glad that you have done it for me! Thank you so much! It's wonderful!”
Specialist Support Worker

“Excellent, very interactive and makes learning fun.”