Fundraising for FitzRoy

Andy and Graeme

Andy and Graeme

By fundraising for FitzRoy, you can help us to give people with learning disabilities added extras that make their lives more valuable and interesting.

Be amazing and fundraise for FitzRoy 

Take Andy and Graeme; they love nothing more than to watch their favourite football teams play on a Saturday afternoon. To some this may not be much, but for them it means the world to be able to do this without calling on family for help. It allows them a level of independence that is priceless.

Simple pleasures like this are not covered by local authority funding packages, but with your help we can support people to do the everyday activities that bring huge benefits and allow them to live life to the full.

Fundraised income will also pay for the people we support to:

  • take part in community projects such as gardening, art and drama, college courses and leisure activities
  • have access to assistive technology that is often life changing to the individual
  • volunteer and give something back to their community while gaining confidence
  • socialise with friends – at the seaside, bowling, church, the pub – the list is endless!

Quite simply, fundraising for FitzRoy will make a real difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities across England.